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Marissa Meyer is coming to the UK

On the 26th March 2013 at 6pm, Marissa will be at the Bromley store for her very first book signing. Sadly, I stay to far away to go but I am always happy to promote and so I am so excited to have Marissa on the blog doing an amazing guest post and not only that, Marissa has kindly offered up some swag for an imternational giveaway!!!!!!!! 

For this guest post, Siobhan asked me to talk a little about what inspired the Lunar Chronicles, and I immediately thought—fairy tales, of course! But on top of that, I suppose, was a desire to create something that was both familiar and unusual all at once.

I’ve loved fairy tales since I was a little girl—since first seeing “The Little Mermaid” in theaters, only to follow it up with my first reading of the Hans Christian Andersen tale that inspired Disney and realizing that the two had very little in common. This started an early fascination with fairy tales. Both their old, sometimes tragic versions, but also in the myriad ways writers and creators have re-imagined the stories time and time again.

In high school and college, I went through a retelling phase in which I couldn’t read enough fairy tales. Books by Gail Carson Levine and Gregory Maguire were gobbled up as I sought to bury myself in their magic and whimsy and darkness. And yes, I wrote them too. I wrote two epically long fanfictions that merged the characters of Sailor Moon with all of my favorite Grimm tales, and I even started writing a novel retelling of “East of the Sun, West of the Moon,” but neither of these projects took me very far toward my ultimate goal of becoming a published novelist. The fanfic, I determined, was too much like “The 10th Kingdom,” and my East story was too much like three other books all retelling the same tale.

I began to realize that, as much as I loved fairy tale retellings, I didn’t want to write “just another retelling.” I wanted to write something that I felt had a truly unique twist. Something no one else had done before.

It would be some years still before I finally had The Idea—a vision of Cinderella that wasn’t quite like any Cinderella I’d ever met. Within hours of snagging on my initial concept for CINDER (Cinderella set in the future… as a cyborg!) I knew with that it would be the first novel I would ever finish, the first novel I would attempt to get published.

I’m so thrilled that CINDER did become my first published novel, and I can now claim my own beloved fairy tale retelling among so many others that have inspired me.

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  1. Wonderful guest post Thanks for sharing! I need to get myself a copy of Cinder already! I have heard nothing but goo things about those books! Wish I could meet Marissa, but sadly I'm from Northern Ireland!

    Thanks for the super giveaway! :)

  2. I must have entered twenty giveaways for Cinder before it came out and I bought it. I love Marissa's take on a classic tale and can't wait to read Scarlet ♥

  3. The Lunar Chronicles is definitely becoming one of my favorite series! I seriously wish that she could come to my hometown for an event. Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

  4. Thought I was obsessed with Cinder til I got ahold of Scarlet

  5. I'm not entering, I just wanted to say that Marissa Meyer is totally awesome! I met her on March 9th in Toronto, Ontario and she was just so sweet and really funny too! I love that she loves Sailor Moon too!! That just makes her even more awesome!!!

    Right now, I'm almost halfway through Cinder and I completely love it so far! It truly is different and unique!

  6. It is really good. You should enter though!! If I wasn't running the giveaway I would, I love swag!! lol.

  7. I'm so excited about this giveaway! I have been trying to get my hands on this series! I have read the first five chapters of "Cinder" and I'm hooked! Thank you for the chance to win this swag

  8. I've read Cinder and I'm almost done with Scarlet! It's amazing and I don't want it to end! Marissa Meyer is such a talented writer and such an amazing writer!

  9. I own Cinder, but I haven't read it yet, this guest post is awesome & maybe i'll need to read it soon. :)

  10. Thanks Marissa for the swag! I love the interview. It's great to know that she's read Gail Carson Levine as I did when I was younger. :D


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