Double Review: The Pleasures of Winter & Touch of Winter by Evie Hunter

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Paperback
Pages: 388
Published: 1st Nov 2012
Publisher: Penguin Ireland
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: Erotica Fiction
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When reporter Abbie Marshall needs to escape Honduras, a private jet carrying a Hollywood A-lister is her only way out. She has a ride home with Irish actor Jack Winter - notorious womanizer and all round bad boy. Abbie is shaken to the core by Winter's blazing beauty and provocative mind.

After the plane's nose-dive into the remote rainforest forces them to fight for survival, Abbie catches tantalizing glimpses of the complicated man behind the image. And the more she sees of him, the more he touches some primal part of her that she is determined to suppress. But after a devastating encounter with Winter's shadow side, Abbie's detachment is shattered.

On returning to normal life, Abbie cannot forget what happened, nor ignore the shocking rumours about the star's private life. Her struggle to make sense of her torment leads straight back to Winter, who is just as obsessed by her. But if they are to have a relationship, Abbie knows she must embrace his hidden desires ... and accept her own.

No longer caring about anything but their intoxicating love affair, Abbie is drawn deeper into the dark heart of Winter - and the secret that threatens to destroy everything ...

I am not really sure where to start with this review. I have so much in my head that I want to say but nothing comes out. The Pleasures of Winter is one of those rare books that has stolen my heart, my mind and my soul. Yip I loved it that much. I was hooked from page one right up until the last page. I got so caught up within the story that I was actually heartbroken when the book finished because I didn't want it to end.

The Pleasures of Winter isn't like most erotica fiction I have read. Usually with this genre you get full on sex from the first chapter but this isn't like that. We actually get an amazing story before all that happens. A story that is thrilling and exciting. Our two main characters Abbie and Jack, the chemistry between them is electrifying. Abbie is drawn to Jack and visa versa even though they are polar opposites to each other.  Abbie is a strong, independent journalist with a  jobthat  is dangerous. She is smart and funny but flawed like any human being. Jack, oh sweet lord. Jack Jack Jack I think I loved him before I even started the book. Why? He is Irish! I can't help myself it's that accent. Mother May I! With his sexy looks and charms that no woman can resist. He is a hollywood bad (Colin Farrell anyone ?? lol) He is obsessed with Abbie and he is falling hard.  You can't help but root for them.

The plot is quite simply perfect. It has the right mix of adventure, excitement and steamy sex that just blends in perfectly. The opening of the story is fast paced and exciting, with Abbie trying to escape bad guys who are after her. She finds herself on a plane with Jack and them crashing into a rainforest. At first I was like is this really a naughty read? I wasn't used to having a proper non erotic plot line. But there are hints throughout the beginning that is just the right amount of teasing to get the reader excited for find out more.

I am trying to do this book justice and it just won't happen. It blew my mind, so much so I am actually struggling to convey just how much I loved it. One of the big things I loved about this is that fact it is told from both Abbie's and Jack's POV. Now usually I am not the biggest fan of POV changes but for this is works. You get inside both the characters heads and that is very important for me. I like to be able to feel a connection to a character to really appreciate the story and I sure did here.

Evie Hunter is actually two authors and what a wonderful team! The two authors have created a flawless, exciting and down right steamy read that will stay with you long after your finish. And that is a sign of perfect book to me. I highly recommend. If you like your naughty read, then The Pleasures of Winter is one NOT to be missed.

Cover Talk:
I only really add this cover talk into a review if I really really need to talk about the cover and yes i do here Why? Because that is a beautiful, simple cover that actually fits the book. That feather represents a certain scene (no spoilers) and if you have read the book you know what scene I am refering to. Rarely book covers match the story, they usually have nothing to do with the words inside the book and are only there to look pretty. Thankfully this is not the case here.

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Rate: 5/5

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 36
Published: 23rd Oct 2012
Publisher: Penguin Ireland
Source: Bought/Free
Genre: Erotica Fiction

A surprise anniversary trip to see her Dom turns into a nightmare for Abbie Marshall. She arrives at his home a day early and finds him with another woman. Devastated by his betrayal, Abbie does what she always does when she gets into emotional trouble – she runs like hell.

But Hollywood actor, Jack Winter, has no intention of setting his sweet submissive free. He loves Abbie, and sets out to convince her that they have a future together the only way he knows – by sensual domination. During a passion filled night, Abbie is exposed to the full force of Jack’s erotic arsenal. Despite his apparent infidelity, Winter’s touch has scorched a brand on her soul.

One that she's not sure she can forget

Mini Review:
Touch of Winter is a quick short read that take place after The Pleasures of Winter. So it is highly recommended that you read the book before you read this. You can still enjoyed it even if you haven't read it but I think you will appreciate more and you have already been introduced to the characters and their lifestyle.

What a wonderful little extra this is. After I finished The Pleasures of Winter I was itching for more. I was so wrapped up in the world that Evie Hunter had create I was actually heartbroken when it was over. Because I wanted there to be more. So I downloaded this onto my kindle and it was perfect!

It is a must read if you loved the first book. I am not usually big on romance, honestly I am not. But there is one scene in this that made be melt. I was crying and grinning like a cheshire cat because it was perfect.

What are you waiting for you? Go now and getting reading The Pleasures of Winter and don't forget to download this little gem because you will regret not reading it.

Rate: 5/5


  1. I really need to read this book. I have it but now I am off to read it. Great Review

  2. Ive nearly finished The pleasures of Winter ..OMG...its so will written and a true love story dont want it to end...feeling withdrawn will definitely have to read this standalone...i so love the characters..

  3. Love the review hun - you know I felt the same! =)

    1. I couldn't even get my thoughts together when doing the review. Haha. My head was all over the place. It was so good.


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