Totally Bookalicious Secret Santa

 To participate, email me at: destinyphilipose(at)gmail(dot)com.

I need: a list of 5 books you want, including authors, & your mailing address. (This won't be shared w/anyone besides me and your Secret Santa).

Please have this to me no later than Saturday, Nov. 3rd. I will then sort it & email you back your Secret Santa recipient. Also, please state if you are willing to gift
internationally (Book Depository ships FREE to most countries).

You can send your gift anytime as soon as you receive your recipient. We do ask that you send gifts no later than Jan. 1st.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask/email me.

Have fun & I look forward to your emails!!
Note: you will be choosing one book to purchase/gift from the list of five on the wishlist you receive. This will make it fun since you know you are getting a book you want, but *which* book you get will be a surprise :)


  1. Destiny, book bloggers only or any of your followers?

  2. Just be sure to email me by the 3rd! :)

  3. Update: Deadline is 12:00pm CST on the 3rd so I can get them all sorted that evening & get your information emailed back to you!


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