Book Review: Gwen Reaper by Jaz Primo

Reviewed by: Siobhán 
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 189 
Published: 18th Aug 2012
Publisher: RutherfordLiterary Group
Source: Author for Review
Genre: YA Paranormal, Romance
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When high school junior Scott Blackstone is forced to move from his childhood home in Springfield, Illinois to small-town Custer, South Dakota, he expects nothing less than to languish in complete disappointment. Instead, he discovers a beautiful and mysterious seventeen-year-old girl named Gwen, who captivates him from his initial, adrenaline-laced sight of her on the shores of Stockade Lake. Scott’s pursuit of the elusive Gwen sweeps him into the midst of a potentially lethal family heritage that was birthed in hope, only to be passed into a legacy of guilt and death. Scott engages in a journey of discovery, tinged with both angst and danger. Like many dire legends throughout history, he is unprepared for the untimely revelation that both love and despair are often two sides of the same coin

I have been a massive fan of Jaz's novels since the very beginning and I have been in love with everything he writes. His first series , The Sunset Vampires is amazing so I knew that his first step in YA would be nothing short of outstanding. And like his previous books, it didn't disappoint at all! It was 100% amazing.

Gwen Reaper is about Scott, a teenager boy who is forced to move to Custer, South Dakota. He doesn't want to move, he thinks that life in Custer will be boring. However, one day when out driving looking around his new home town he stumbles upon Gwen, a beautiful and strange girl who captures Scott's attention. He then becomes somewhat obsessed with trying to find out who this girl is. However, the closer Scott gets to Gwen, the more secrets are revealed, secrets that can prove to be deadly.

Gwen Reaper is told from Scott's pov and I found this refreshing. Very few YA novels are told in the male prospective. So it was really interesting getting inside his head and his thoughts. I really liked Scott. You really feel for him because what teenager would want to move away from everything they knew. So it is understandable that he would be angry but when he meets Gwen things change. He realises that maybe staying in Custer won't be so bad so he starts to fit in. Gwen is an outsider. After a horrible accident when she was younger she closed herself off from everyone. It takes a lot for Gwen to open up to Scott and let him into her life. The attraction between them is instant. It wasn't an insta-love (which drives me crazy) it was more like an insta-lust from Scott that developed into something more.

The plot to Gwen Reaper is very interesting and fast paced. It's a YA paranormal novel and going by the title you can guess it's about Reapers. Now this was very interesting. I haven't read a novel that dealt with Reapers before. Usually it's vampires or angel, so this was a unique change. Now even though it was a paranormal, that aspect takes a back-seat to the character development between Scott and Gwen and their romance. So it felt more like a good YA romance with an added bonus of a paranormal twist.

I highly recommend that everyone reads this! If you like your stories a bit different with strong characters and an engaging plot then give this a try. Jaz has create a wonderful YA read that will apeal to both females and males. It has a mix of things that will appeal to many people; romance, football, action, and reapers.

As far as I am aware this is a stand alone novel. However, I would love this to become a series because it was so much potential. But it is doesn't it an excellent stand alone!! 
Rate: 5/5


  1. i have never heard of Jaz Primo but after reading your review i'm so gonna have to check them out :D


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