Cover, Cover On The Blog #2

Cover, Cover On The Blog is our new feature for comparing book covers. We used to do UK vs US but decided to revamp it and now we will compare UK, US and Another Country, it is similar to UK vs World from Bookaholics Book Club. All credit for the Title goes to Ninfa Hayes, author of Bites. And is a play on the Mirror Mirror quote from Snow White.
Spanish Title is: The Secret of Crows*

Sio: I am completely torn for this week. I love both the UK and Spanish. I seriously hate the US one. It doesn't fit. Everything about it is horrible. However, the UK and Spanish are both just simply amazing. Both have a dark/gothic feel to them. However, I am leaning slightly more to the Spanish, simply because of pink. 

Des: Let me first say I have never liked the US cover. Ever. It is just not appealing to me at all. The UK version is better, but the Spanish! I love the contrasts in color, the black and white - everything about it makes me want to pick up the book. Its too bad I don't speak Spanish because I would try to order that version!!
Well this week our winner is Spain. What is your winner?
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Last Week: The Diviners

 Winner is:


  1. Great blog! I love Totally Bookalicious!

    One has to ask regarding the U.S. cover for The Blood Keeper: What could Random House possibly be thinking?! Who does their cover elementary school art student?
    (Disclaimer: There are many talented young elementary school-aged aspiring artists who may one day create beautiful book covers...*wink*)
    In this case, Random House must have selected a 'random' image. Both the UK and Spanish covers rock by comparison. Nuff' said?


    1. Lol. I know the US cover is just that. Lol. The redesign for book 1 Blood Magic is horrible aswell.

    2. Every time I see the US cover I am more & more grateful I got it on my kindle. That cover is awful!

  2. I flipping love that Spanish cover! The UK one is a close second

  3. Is anyone noticing a trend here? The US covers are repeatedly the least appealing... Surely someone in the publishing world can notice this too? I often buy UK editions simply bc the covers are better.

    1. I've noticed that aswell. But the next CCOTB may restore our faith in US covers ;)


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