On My Kindle: The OMG Monster Awesomeness Edition

On My Kindle is our meme/feature where we showcase some of the ebooks to received, whether it was bought, free or for review! It's inspired by the many book haul memes that are out there but this is the digital edition.
 Feel free to take part and leave your links in the comments section!

This is a months worth of ebooks! And most free and yes I do have a serious problem!!! I can't say no to freebies!

OMG That is bad!!!!!!!!!!!! 82 Books in a month???? Oh Dear! Thankfully most where free, Only bought a handful. I need to learn to say no with Amazon and Smashword Freebies!!!
Did you get any ebooks the past few weeks?


  1. Yikes! HUHE list, lol.
    I almost nabbed Tab Bennet and the Inbetween but didn't due to the fact I already have almost 100 freebies on my kindle I haven't gotten around to yet. I have Forged in Fire, though. :D

  2. Wow!! And I thought I had a lot of books...I don't have nearly as many books. Most of the books I got this week were from NetGalley (I'm addicted to that website)!! Great picks by the way!!!



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