Cover, Cover On The Blog #1

Cover, Cover On The Blog is our new feature for comparing book covers. We used to do UK vs US but decided to revamp it and now we will compare UK, US and Another Country, it is similar to UK vs World from Bookaholics Book Club. All credit for the Title goes to Ninfa Hayes, author of Bites. And is a play on the Mirror Mirror quote from Snow White.

The Diviners by Libba Bray

Sio: For me there is clear winner for me and that is the UK cover. Even just by the image it is very eye catching and really draws you in. However, in person the cover is simply stunning. The Flapper just pops of the cover because of the black against the blue. I just love it. The US one is interesting but it doesn't make me want to read the book and the Aus one......sorry but there is nothing I like at all.

Des: I adore the 20s and think the UK cover shows that best. For some reason, the US cover looks more mystery and the AUS does nothing for me. So good job UK on making the better cover!


  1. Argh. Can't choose between them . . . all are really beautiful for different reasons but . . . today I'll go with the UK cover. Has this old-fashion vibe to it.

  2. I have to say I actually like the AUS cover. Can't really decide between the 3 which one I like more though


  3. For the UK was a clear winner. Really fits the story and decade.

  4. Definitely the UK, I actually don't really like the others. Great new feature Sio, thanks for sharing. :)

  5. thanks for posting.


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