Sorry I Haven't Really Been Around

Just a quick post to tell you all sorry that no features have gone up this week. Sadly I fell on Tuesday, had to go to A&E and was told I have damaged my muscles in my upper right arm. I could barely move it so they sent me home in the sling :(

The past two days have been horrible. I have been in so much pain and keep getting stabbing pains in the muscles every now and then that has been causing my upper arm to go into spasm. It's been a lot of Fun!!!! 

Well I have only really just got the use back on the arm. It's still painful to type or even read but I have finally getting some movement. However, I can't left my arm up yet. Just wanted to explain why the blog has been quite. 

Hope you are all good and reading lots. Send your healing thoughts to me because I have night out with Emma from BelleBooks and Lesley from My Keeper Shelf on Sat. We off to see Magic Mike!!!!! I  want to be able to at least have normal movement in my arms lol.


  1. Get well and have fun with your night out!! Single mommies need their fun too :)

  2. Ouch. Hope you're up and well soon!

  3. A few drinks will numb the pain I'm sure, I'm looking forward to it:)

  4. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way! Hope you'll be all better for your night out :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. I am on the mend and my arm has a lot more movement in it but still sore and stiff at times.


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