Discussion Friday #4: Books to Movies

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This Week's is from our own Destiny
Books to Movies

Destiny: Books to movies: Overall, I really enjoy seeing books being adapted into movies. Its a lot of fun seeing your favorite stories come to life on the big screen and seeing how someone else interpreted the story. Some are fantastic - like Harry Potter and (no nasty comments here) the Twilight Saga and others make you go "oh dear that was bad!" I am probably one of the few that hasn't seen The Hunger Games movie so I have my DVD pre-ordered as I adored the books. Fingers crossed I love the movie as much! On the flip side, I have several movies I think would be amazing books, do you? :) 
Siobhán: Books to Movies: Everyone and their grannies will have their own thoughts on this. Me? Well....I am a sucker for them. I usually love when books are made into movies. There is just somethings exciting about seeing your favourite reads on the screen. However, there is the dread of it not working out. You drive yourself insane waiting for the release, you see trailers, pics and notice things that should be different. Or when you think they have the casting all wrong. However, no movie adaptation is going to perfect even my faves aren't and Destiny has already mentioned them. Yip Harry Potter and Twilight (and backing up Destiny no nasty comments, we are a blog that LOVES Twilight!) Right now the big thing is Book to Movie Adaptations and I am pretty excited for them all e.g The Host, Catching Fire, Beautiful Creatures. So I say bring on the Movie adaptations. I fully support it!!

What about you? Are you for or against adaptations? 
What are some of your faves? 
Is there any Books you think will be AMAZING movies?

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  1. I love screen adaptations that are done well...like The Hunger Games...and not so much like Eragon.
    There are so many adaptations that I've loved. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are at the top. The last Twilight movie I thought was good especially, I mean the bit where they take into account readers mostly negative reaction to the babies name by having all the characters look at Bella like she's nuts when comes up with it was a good move :)
    Back to Eragon...don't you just hate it when they start the movies and then they stop? I mean will the series complete on the screen? Same thing with Pullman's Golden Compass! Gar!!!

    1. Eragon I have to admit. I hate the book loved the movie. Lol. Same with golden Compass. but I do hate when they start a series and don't make anymore. Like Loren Legacies. They made I am Number Four but don't think they making anymore and they should cause its a good series!

    2. nicole
      i love the hype and build up to movie adaptions but i know they are never as good as the book.

  2. I don't think any film adaptations will ever beat the books because I don't think you can beat your own imagination and how you perceive things. Watching a film made from a book is like reading the book from someone else's imagination. I don't know if that makes sense?

    Also I find a lot of stuff is left out of Films... whether they are minor or major parts of the film, it still matters!

    1. Most books will always be better. However, personally I do have a couple where the movie are 10times better, e.g The Notebook, Eragon and Speak.

      I do hate it when they leave out important scenes though. Like from Twilight, there is a blood testing scene in the book but not in movie. But there I like when they add things to a movie or even tv shows that aren't in the books.

      I'm always going to support getting books made into movies. Love them. Lol.

    2. Gonna disagree. There are a handful of movies that are better than their book counterparts. The one I can think of off hand (and is backed up by many literature and film critics) is Chocolat. I know there are a few others that I think the movie is better, but I can't remember them right now.

  3. I love adaptations...I think the Twilight movies have gotten better and better and I am practically peeing myself waiting for the finale.
    For the most part, I can look past the faults and still enjoy the movie. Now when I read Twilight, I picture Rob and Kristen and the others (although I still think they could have done better with the casting of Rosalie).
    Anyway, I always love the books more, but get giddy as a schoolgirl when they turn my fav books into movies:)

  4. I really depends on how they pull it off. "Reimaginings" nope. They get a big thumbs down from me. However, if the movie is faithful to the book, or improves the book (see the Lord of the Rings series and the adaptations of the Chronicles of Narnia) then I love them. :) So it just, for me, all depends on how it's handled.

  5. I love movie adaptations of books, even if the adaptation isn't faithful. It's so neat to me to see idea of books explored on the big screen! I love it!


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