Discussion Friday #3: Book Release Dates

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This week our Discussion is brought to you by Kelly on FB

Kelly Wrote: " I read series' but get fed up with the big gaps between releases. Some authors do releases each year in May, but some take 18-24 months between books.

Over the years I have been stashing series on my shelf to read once complete or at least a few to have a marathon. What do you do to get over that gap?' 
Siobhán: The wait between books in series usually kills me. Especially when it the previous books are amazing. Some books like the Morganville book you don't actually wait that long for them so the wait is bearable until the next book. However, when you need to wait over a year for a book I end up moving on and totally forgetting about the series and because I rarely have time to reread books I end up confused and not rememeber what happens in previous books. Although I do have books on my shelves from series that I have even started or only reading the first couple so I can set and read them all at once. I did this with the Nightshade books by Andrea Cremer I have all 3 in the trilogy and hopefully one day soon I can clear some time to actually sit and read them back to back.

Destiny: I find that when I read the first book in a series right away, I love it so much and then by the time book two comes out, one of two things happens: One, I can't remember all the details of the first book and am lost in the new one. Second, I have found a new series I am caught up in and book two goes on my to-read shelf and before I know it, it's a "dusty read" So, I tend to wait to read a series until I can read more than one back-to-back and stay immersed in the plot. This is also great because I become so familiar with the world/characters/story/etc, that if it is a year before the next book, it's okay because I will remember it that way.

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  1. It really depends. With some series such as cozy mysteries I am ok with waiting a year. Talk about trilogies that leave you with a huge cliffhanger and you will find me banging my head against a wall. Good example as of lately - Beth Revis' Across the Universe trilogy! I just finished the second book and then I found out the third won't be out before next January ... waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  2. I don't mind waiting a year for my favorite series. But I do know what you guys mean about forgetting stuff. If you read 100 books a year it is very hard to remember specifics. So what i started to do is writing in a notebook. I write a few paragraphs detailing what the book was about. And I also remember to write exactly what the ending was. This makes it so much better when i start the next book. I really like to remember exactly what happened in the book before when reading a series. And there is no way i can re-read the previous books since i read mostly series.

    I totally wish that the first page of a new book in a series would have a cheat sheet (like what Veronica Roth did for Insurgent on her blog). IT is ridiculous to think that we can remember all the details. Plus i keep reading about how many people are lost when they start the next book!

  3. Thank you for your comments. Some books stick with but most I forget pretty quick After reading so many.


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