True Blood Reading Challenge on After Dark

  I have set myself a personal reading challenge on our Adult Blog: Totally Bookalicious: After Dark.
 I have read all 9 books in the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series 2 or 3 years ago when I broke my ankle but I haven't kept up to date with the rest. So I decided to read ALL the book in June. That's 12 books, I am not interested in the short story collection for the challenge. 

All review will be posted on After Dark so please head over and follow via GFC or by Email. 
I am planning of taking June off blogging so I am hoping to get a few reviews and memes scheduled on both blogs. 

If you want to take part that would be awesome :) But I am not expecting anyone to because as I said this a personal reading challenge


  1. I have the whole series sitting on my bookshelf (I got them cheap from The Book People) and despite loving the TV series I've never even opened the books. How bad it that???

    1. I got that for my friends Xmas a couple of years ago. Lol. I love them!! Looking forward to reading them all.

  2. Nice work, I think it will make for a very entertaining June! I enjoyed the series but I've heard bad things about the latest book :(


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