Blog Tour: Between (Crossroads #2) by Mary Ting

May be spoilery if you haven't read book 1

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: eArc
Pages: 330
Published: 5th Jan 2012
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Genre: YA Paranormal, Romance
Source: Author for review
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As the alkins head back to Crossroads, Claudia leads her normal life; but not for long. Having a special soul, Claudia attracts danger, and she soon finds out who Gamma asked to watch over her. The Twelve, known as Divine Elders on Earth, are very much involved when they find out that Aliah, one of the God’s first angels, escaped from the Abyss when the gates were opened by Aden. Needing Claudia’s soul to escape the only place Aliah can reside–a place between Heaven and Earth–he sends his demons in search of all Claudia Emersons on Earth. Taking her soul will enable him to be released from Between and cross over to Crossroads, which would give him immense power. As more secrets are revealed Claudia learns about the venators—nephilim, demon hunters. Now two opposing forces must work together in order to save Claudia and humanity from the most dangerous angel ever created. But along the way, trust becomes a big issue. Will love be enough to keep Claudia and Michael together? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Who will betray them all?

Claudia is trying to get life back back on track and trying to lead a normal life. However, being a very special soul things don't go to plan. She soon finds herself in danger and is "kidnapped" by the Earth Angels to keep her safe from Aliah who wants her soul! But only Claudia can defeat the evil Aliah. Will she be strong enough to defeat Aliah?

After reading Crossroads and being so excited for the next book. When I got a chance to review it early I was like HELL YEAH!! and it doesn't disappoint.

Between is one of those books that sucks you in. It truely captures your imagination from start to finish. And its the chemistry between all the characters that I feel does this. Claudia, I love. I am mean seriously she is adorable. When faced with dangers she is like "bring it on" even though she is terrified! Her relationship with Michael will make you melt. Michael, oh dear, Michael. It's forbidden for them to be together but he would do just about anything for Claudia. Their romance is quite lovey dovey but not in a omg this is too much kinda way. It's perfect! And then Mary throws another guy into the mix to spice things up and Yeah, I feel, big. Austin. He is smitten with Claudia and they share this weird connection. They care for each other but they annoy each other as well. It's so cute! And of course my fave Davin is back!! And he is better than ever! He is so funny and sweet and I want a Davin.

With Crossroads I found it a little slow to start but Between is fast paced from the start. Introducing you to new characters and dangers start away it get your attention completely. There is never  dull moment for the gang. Whether it's spending time in cosy situations or being put in danger and fighting for their lifes. It's nothing sort of amazing!

So overall, did I like it? OMG, Yes, What a ride!!! I adored Crossroads  but Between oh lord! It blew it right out the park!! It's bigger and better. Full of danger, excitment, passion, betrayal and above all love! If you haven't started on this series yet, please, I beg you go now because Mary Ting is such a wonderful author who leaves you breathless with each book and begging for more!

Rate: 5/5

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  1. Your review is great! You seem you really enjoy the book.


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