Reading Slump! Again!

This is just so annoying. Even since about June, I've been in a serious reading slump. It comes and goes. But I'm not reading as much as I used to because of it. It can take me a month to read a book when it used to take me a few days. Usually I can reread Twilight and bam that's me back into reading but its not working this time and I wanna cry :(

It's seriously driving me around the bend.

I am sorry for the lack of reviews on my part. I'm trying to keep pushing through the books because I know its not the books its me!

I'm trying every book I own until I find something that pulls me off. Wish me luck!!

Does this happen to you?

~ Siobhán

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  1. I feel your pain.

    Sometimes it feels like reading has become a job instead of for fun, and it makes me frustrated, and my reviews slow down and I feel like I should just stop... But usually all I'll need is that one great book that blows me away and I feel better again.

    So I hope you find that one book and get into it again. Good luck!

    - SHANA

  2. I go through reading slumps sometimes too. I find there are usually two causes for said slumps:
    1) I am being forced to read books that I don't enjoy (school was a big cause here).
    2) I am actually experiencing a life slump, and it's not so much the reading that is the problem.

    When it comes to the life slump, there are usually two causes:
    1)I am way too busy and have too many obligations pulling in different directions, so when I'm reading I am also subconsciously feeling guilty for spending time reading.
    2)I am in a general funk or depression, and books that are dark just depress me more, and books that have an HEA just tick me off, because I am riled by the idea that there could ever be a happy ending in real life.

    If it's the first cause, I just try to read a book I enjoy, even if it's one I've read before. I have a list of multiple books to choose from, so it varies and I don't get sick of any of them - the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Winnie-The-Pooh... basically, my "comfort reading".

    If its the second cause: If it's the time part, I try to figure out my time, prioritze, plan a schedule, etc and specifically include in it time to read, even if only a little bit, so when it comes to that time, I can tell myself, it's okay to read now, that's what this time is for, and I need to reacharge. If it's the general funk thing, of course, the most important part is trying to figure out what the cause of the funk is first and addressing that. Then, again, I go back to my comfort reading... those books from my childhood that remind me of a warm hug and one of my parents reading me to sleep.

    Hope you get out of it soon! It's horrible to be in a funk about something you usually love!

  3. I concur that reading may have become more of a job than a just doing it for pleasure. Why not consider a blog haitus? and take time off opening a book completely.

    and when you start again, start off with a genre or author that you totally love.
    I feel the same about blogging at times.

  4. Yes!! I was in one last week and I read Wither by Lauren DeStefano and it pulled me out of it. I couldn't put it down. I hate getting into those. SOOO MISERABLE!!!


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