Ghost of a Chance Character Interview!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the novel, Ghost of a Chance (One Night Stand #44), by Deena Remiel (you can read my review here). This book has been so popular with the readers, the lovely Deena has agreed to let me interview Secoya!!

This was a lot of fun for many reasons. For those of you who have read the book, and those who have not, Secoya was the voodoo loving friend who put the curse of Remy, turning him into a literal ghost of a man. This is a chance for us to see what Secoya was thinking when she performed the curse (and maybe even why!). Here is my interview with Secoya:

[We are here with a very nervous Secoya, friend of Tracy, Remy's ex-wife. She dabbles in voodoo and was the one to place the curse on him.]

Destiny: Nice to meet you Secoya! If you don't mind my asking, how did you become involved in voodoo and the "dark arts"?

Secoya: Hi Destiny. (Sits down on the edge of a seat.) I'm a bit nervous being here, but I figured I owed it to Remy, you know? Well, my mother is the one who got me started in it all. She's a Voodoo Priestess. I can tell you , she's gonna be downright pissed at me for doing what I did. I've never told her anything about what Tracy and I did. Guess she's gonna find out now...

Destiny: There's nothing to be nervous about Secoya! Well, except maybe your mom finding out about the curse...that might make me nervous too. What were you thinking when Tracy wanted to get back at Remy? Just wanting to help your friend?
Secoya: What was I thinking? (Eases back in her seat.) Well, at the time, I was so angry at Remy, maybe as angry as Tracy, for how neglectful he was to her while they were married. Even after the divorce, she went on and on about how he was never home and loved his company more than he loved her. I remember her saying no amount of money could make up for the way he dropped out of their marriage before it really ever began. So I thought, what a shmuck! I thought I could do something to help ease her pain. After all, she was my best friend.

Destiny: Oh I understand!! I can't imagine how I would feel if I were in your shoes and my best friend was hurt. How are you and Tracy doing now?

Secoya: We're sort of on the outs right now. I had to cool off our friendship. I tell ya, that woman is pure evil! It was one thing to put a curse on the man, but when he came back a few years later and asked her to remove the curse, she refused. He said he learned his lesson. She was dubious. I was, too. But I decided to give him a hint as to how to remove the curse. I wouldn't dare remove it myself. I'm afraid of what Tracy would do to me. (Shifts nervously in seat.)

Destiny: She sounds like one scary lady!! I would definitely take a break from her myself! All things considered, I have to know - are you still practicing voodoo or has this whole experience made you a little magic shy?

Secoya: In all honesty, I have done more curses since doing his.

Destiny: Oh I am very intrigued! Did they have better results than Remy's? Or are you keeping hush hush about them?

Secoya: They all got what they deserved. Let's leave it at that. (sniffs uncomfortably)

Destiny: Thank you so much for joining us Secoya! I wish you all the best and hope to hear more about you soon.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to author Deena Remiel for making this interview possible and for having written such an amazing story!

WOW!! If that doesn't have you intrigued to read Ghost of a Chance, I don't know what will!

Purchase your own copy of Ghost of a Chance: Amazon, AmazonUK, Decadent Publishing.


  1. Thanks for the great interview. Your right I want to read it even more now.

  2. Destiny, Secoya wanted me to tell you how much she appreciated speaking with you the other day. She said to tell you she put good JuJu on ya! ;)

  3. Aww! Many thank you's to Secoya! I appreciate the good JuJu and wish her all the luck in the world...and maybe she'll even come back here one day to tell us about her own happily ever after! :)


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