500 Follower / Blogiversary Giveaway

A few weeks ago we reached our 500 followers, woohoo, now we are sitting with 530 :) I was going to start the giveaway as soon as we reach 500 but decided to wait until today. Because one year ago I offically started blogging I posted my first ever review on the blog and yeah it was god awful, don't believe me? well see this: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Told you it was terrible. I'm not saying I have actually gotten much better but still. Lol. 

From today (14th Nov) until 14th** I have a whole host of giveaways, guest posts, and interviews all lined up. ALL giveaways will be international and most are ebook giveaways. So a big thanks to all the lovely authors who are donating!!! You are all amazing. 

I want to just take a small minutes to thank everyone who keeps this blog going. If it wasn't for such a loyal group of readers this blog wouldn't be here. Thank you all so much. 

And also, I massive thank you to Destiny, my long lost book sister. Over the past few months we have grown close and become good friends and if it wasn't for her helping out there would be weeks without posts sometimes. So yeah, thank you. 

Our first giveaway will go live tonight at around 10pm UK time (I know late - but if you follow me you will know I am always running behind schedule lol)

Hope you all enjoy the next few weeks filled with goodies and there will be a special giveaway donated by myself where all those who win in these giveaways will be entered into. Stay tuned!!

Have Fun and good Luck!!!!!!

**Giveaways have been extended due to personal stuff at home 

I will list all giveaway here as they go live

Giveaway #1: Patti Larsen Run and Family Magic Giveaway (3 winners)

Giveaway #2: Shawn Maravel, Volition Series Giveaway (1 Winner)

Giveaway #3: Sherry Gammon Unlovable Giveaway (1 Winner)

Giveaway #4: Gillian Joy, Guardian Giveaway (1 Winner)


  1. Happy 500 Followers/ Blogiversary! :)

  2. Congrats on meeting such an impressive goal!! I'm not surprised. Your blog rocks! :)

  3. A MASSIVE thank you from me to Siobhan - a fabulous person to blog with and an even better friend!

    And thank you to every one of our followers and supporters who keep our blog going and make doing what we love possible!

    Thank you also to the authors who donated books to our giveaway!!


  4. Congrates on hitting 500 .. I am new blogger and only on #17.. So happy for you guys

  5. Yay!! Congrats on 500 and happy blogversary!!

  6. Happy Blogiversary and congrats on reaching 500+!
    I wonder when will I ever achieve your current status ^^
    Looking forward to more bookalicious content from you!~

  7. Congratulations of hitting 500 and more followers. Thanks for the awesome giveaways:


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