A week off .... See you all soon

Hello again. It Siobhán here. Just a small update to say I'm taking a week off from everything blogging. I won't be able to get access to a computer and even though I do have the blog app on my phone I have just decided to take a complete break. I know I have books in need for review but I need the break because I'm having the worst reading funk. So instead of me forcing myself to read and end up giving books a bad review that it probably doesn't deserve I've just decided not to read and have a rest.

Destiny is still reading away so still stop by and check out any of her posts/reviews.

Hope You all understand and I shall see you all next week :)

Love. Siobhán XOXO


  1. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Hope you have a relaxing time off.

  2. We all need a break now and again :) I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you when you get back!!


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