UK vs US: Third Grave Dead Ahead


Most of you know I have been doing this since I started the blog. I love comparing different covers for the same book. So now that there is two of us on the blog I thought I would actually make it a regular feature on a Monday and a Friday. And since Destiny is from the US and Siobhan is from the UK it would even better. So this is our first combined UK vs US Post.

I just wanna say sorry for the weird spacing. I have no idea whats going on with the blog. Everytime I do a post it looks like that and it doesn't matter even if I fix it in HTML it still looks weird!! 
Destiny's Pick

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3) by

UK                                                        US

What do you prefer?


  1. Ok I love the red of the US one but got to say the UK wins this one for me. Yes I also want the shoes. I have never wore heels but would learn to for those shoes. UK wins

  2. I would have voted for the UK hands down had they kept the cover you guys have up. I bought those shoes when I saw them. But as of July Darynda posted a completely different cover and its of the womans face just like on the UK version of First and Second Grave. I was totally bummed to say the least!

  3. I'm sad too! :( AmazonUK hasn't updated their page with the new cover yet.

  4. What this isn't the UK cover Damn it. Why do they have to change good covers.

  5. I know! I had no idea it had been changed. I checked Amazon for both US and UK covers and they are unchanged. I really like this one better...the change was apparently made pretty recently.

  6. Love this UK one! The US one is okay but the UK one is tops!

  7. We had the US cover in NZ which I didnt mind as it was still pretty awesome but I would have preferred the UK Cover :) I noticed that their is another cover for this with her face. Its the one that they use on Goodreads. I dont like it very much.
    I've just finished this book and I am OMG in love with this series :)
    Paula -
    New Follower


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