Pariah Issue #1 by Aron Warner

Format: PDF
Pages: 32
Published: July 2011
Publisher: Sea Lions Book
Genre: YA, SciFI
Buy: SeaLionBooks

Brent Marks is not a freak. He is one of the Pariah, a group of teens who become extremely intelligent after being cured of a genetic disorder. Although in most ways a normal teen, Brent is considered dangerous and is tracked down by the government who see these kids as an enormous threat. Can he evade them? What do they have planned for Brent and the others? 

This isn't the normal story line that perks my interest. However, when Sea Lions asked me review the comic I thought I would give it ago. And I was pleasantly suprised that I actually found it enjoyable. 

Pariah is set in the year 2025 and follows the story of Brent. Brent want to be normal teenager but he isn't. He is a vitros. Someone who is extremely intelligent above the norm. After a very serious incident the goverment claim that all Vitros are terrorists and soon Brent in a whole heap of trouble.

Usually this would be something I wouldn't normally read. The story line isn't one that I though would hold my interest. However, when I started reading I found it quite good. Brent comes across as someone who is very vunerable, he just wants to get by day by day and be a normal kid. Sadly, he can't. You really feel for him and I think that what draws me to the character.  

As this is Issue #1 it a good set up to the series and follow Brent going from trying to be a normal kid to having his world blow apart. I don't want to give anything away. But I will say that the ending is very exciting and I am looking forward to start Issue #2 in the next couple of days. 
Rate: 3/5


  1. A comic book that is different. I bought my first graphic novel recently only because I'm a huge Kim Harrison fan. I haven't read it yet, guess I'm nervous about being disappointed...I'm weird.

  2. I've bee reading your reviews for some time, but just never commented. You usually read YA and I don't. Delving into comics is a nice change. What lost the comic two stars, though? I'm interested in hearing what you didn't like.

  3. As stated above. It more of a set up to the comics. And its not really my usual kind of read But still enjoyable. It not that I didn't like it. I did it was good.


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