Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

Format: Paperback
Pages: 434
Published: 5th Oct 2009
Publisher: Scholastic
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Grace and Sam share a kinship so close they could be lovers or siblings. But they also share a problem. When the temperature slips towards freezing, Sam reverts to his wolf identity and must retreat into the woods to protect his pack. He worries that eventually his human side will fade away and he will left howling alone at the lonely moon.

I first read this back when it was first released. I was looking for something that was a little different to my usual vampire reads at the time. When I first seen this it was a stunning cover that caught my eye than I read what it was about and I just had to buy it. So glad I did.

Shiver follows the story of two main characters. Grace, girl who has been obsess with the wolves that live in the woods behind her house. And Sam, a boy who in Summer is your regular teenage boy but in winter he turns into a wolf. When the are thrown together they struggle to stop Sam from shifting back into a wolf. And pretty soon they are coming to the face the fact that the next time Sam shifts he wont turn human again.

I honestly adore this book. It was such an easy read. And even though I have read it 3 times now it still hasn't lost is magic to captivate me. The story of Shiver is a quite a unique take on werewolves I haven't read anything like it before and still haven't found a werewolf novel that I love so much as this.

The characters in the story I feel are what make the story. Of course the story itself is fascinating. However, I think its the chemistry between Grace and Sam that truely make the story what it is. The two main characters have this undeniable bound even before they knew each other.

Maggie has created a breathtaking and beautiful story about young love that leave you entralled from start to finish.

Rate: 5/5


  1. Oops see my.typos lol. Will fix next time I'm at computer lol. I never notice them when I proof read reviews its only after I post it and read from my phone I notice lol.

  2. I have this book and I need to read it bc I think I am missing out on an amazing series!!


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