Mini Update

Hi Guys

Siobhán here. This is just a wee short post.

Lately I have really fallen behind on my reading due to the school holidays but the schools are now back and hopefully I can get back into a routine. The first week is over and the early morning school trip is slowly killing me but hopefully next week I'll be used to it and that I'm awaken enough to read while my son is at school.

Also I'm going to update the review policy. This will mainly concern ebooks. I have a serious backlog of hardcopy reviews that ebooks arent really getting read by me. But I'll out more.details in the update.

I'll will be (hopefully) posting the rules for the follower of the month tonight/tomorrow. So stay tuned.

Oh and there will be a massive giveaway when we.reach 500 gfc followers so please share the blog with your book friends.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and reading lots of fab books.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great ! can't wait to read your next reviews !

  2. Hopefully ill have 3 reviews for next week. And hopefully read at least 5books.

  3. I'm hoping for 2-3 reviews for this next week :)

  4. I know I should have at least 2 reviews for this week and I will add more of my other reviews onto this page. I'll post one a day until they all up lol.


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