For I Have Sinned (Charley Davidson Series #1.5) by Darynda Jones

Format: Kindle ebook
Published: July 12, 2011
Publisher: St. Martin's
Genre: Paranormal, Adult Fantasy

What happens when the world falls out from under you? When everything around you is strange, unfamiliar, and you have a sneaking suspicion you’ve died? You go toward the light, right? Unfortunately for one young woman, that light is not what she expected.

Enter Charley Davidson. Aka, the grim reaper. Aka, the light.

While the woman doesn’t know what happened—or even who she is for that matter—putting her faith in a quirky PI with ADD seems like a bad idea. But Charley is the only one who can help. She’s also the only one who can see her, so there’s that. Together they set out to solve the mystery of her death. But when memories of her past resurface, the woman starts to suspect she has done the unthinkable: Committed suicide. Can Charley prove to her that she didn’t throw her life away? That she didn’t die needlessly? With her world crumbling, she places the fate of her eternity in the hands of one extraordinary PI, despite the fact that she is trying to get coffee declared a food group...

For I Have Sinned is unique to the Charley Davidson series in that it is told from the client's point of view. Charley is still the Grim Reaper assisting the dead with their unfinished business so they can cross over; however, this time the tale is narrated by the ghost herself. This young woman has no clue who she is, let alone how she died. All she knows is that she feels she has committed an unforgivable sin.

As Charley and her new companion client begin their investigation, clues lead them to discover more about this woman's life and her past. Did she commit an unforgivable sin and commit suicide and die needlessly or did she perhaps, have a life with meaning?

I LOVED this story so much I wished it had been a full length novel. We see a side of Charley that is rarely seen. The emotion and compassion she shows for this client is so endearing. Charley retained her usual wit and snark throughout this short story, but she also managed to tug at the heart strings too. Even more, Darynda ended the story with an ending that left me breathless!

Rate: 5/5


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