Follower of the Month

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Follower of the Month

Follower of the Month Our new monthly giveaway where the person who comments the most each month wins a free book. This is just so show appreciation to all you wonderul followers for sticking with me and to encourage you to comment more on posts as this is proving to me quite difficult lol


You MUST be a GFC Follower

You MUST comment with constructive, useful, encouraging, enlightening' comments only (No one/two word comments they wont be counted)

If you win you CAN'T win for another TWO months (this is to make it fair on everyone)

You MUST live in country that the Book Depository ship free to. See HERE

The Giveaways are monthly so will start on the first of each month and end at the of each month.

Winners will be announced on the blog and via newsletter and will have 72 hours to email me with their mailing address.Failure to do so will lead to a new winner being announced. So please subscribe to our newsletter feature (box on the top right)

And most importantly have fun!!


September - Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma -Opens 1st Sept!!


  1. This is a great way to keep your blog active.
    This sounds like a great and different book :)

  2. Hopefully it keeps the blog active, I have been struggling to get people active on the blog.


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