Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Published: 17th July 2008
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Genre: YA Fiction, Music

Audrey Cutler is a normal Southern California girl. OK, her cat is overweight, but her best friend is awesome, and her parents might be hippies, but they adore her - because Audrey is funny, charming, and she likes her music loud. So she struggles with dumping her musician boyfriend, Evan. She loves his band, but he's just too self-involved. Audrey needs to move on. Then at one of Evan's gigs, Audrey gets to hear their brand new single and moving on doesn't seem so easy now: the song is called Audrey, Wait and it's all about her, and not in a good way ... The song storms quickly up the charts and reaches the top. Suddenly everyone wants to know: who is Audrey? The media is all over her like a rash, and what started out as annoying is becoming a nightmare! On top of this, it is ruining her chances with James, her colleague at Scooper Dooper ice cream parlour. Audrey's life is veering out of control and there's only one thing for it. She's going to have to stand up and tell the world her side of the story ...

I've seen the book everywhere and I mean everywhere. I read up on it really liked the sound of it. I was going to buy myself the book when I noticed that my library had a copy. So decided to check it out and I am so glad I did.

Audrey, Wait! is about a girl who breaks up with her aspiring musician boyfriend. Who then writes a song about her and there relationship and it sees Audrey accapulted in a the crazy world of instant celebrity. She struggles with her day to day life due to being followed by the papz and getting hounded everywhere goes. All she wants is her life back.

I loved this book. It was very witty and the characters are just loveable. Audrey was a real treat to read about. Her life is turned upside down by the fame of this one song and yet she still has her feet planted firmly on the ground she wants nothing to do with the fame and just wants to live a normal teenage life. However, she cant and the situations she ends up in are hard but comical at the same time. I think I really loved Audrey because of her love of good music such as MCR and Blink182. She is also quite sarcastic and it was like reading me lol. Her best friend Victoria annoyed me though. It was clear that Audrey just wants to be normal but Victoria seems a little selfish about the whole situation at times and only seemed to want to get involved with Fame. However at times she was a really good friend to Audrey. We dont really see alot of Evan , Audreys ex as he is away touring but when we do actually meet I actually liked him. I think its simply the whole musician thing though. Then there is James the love interest. James is so cute and shy and the opposite of Audrey in some way. They have alot on common though through their love to music. James just an overall sweet guy your mother would approve off.

The story flowed just perfectly. I don't think I even have a bad thing to say about. Audrey, Wait is a captivating fun story about how fame changes your life. Robin has created a wonderful story that I am sure is loved by many. OK maybe I do have one bad thing to say about and thats the end. Lol. I didn't want it to end. I devoured the story in just a few  days and I just loved it so much I didn't want it to end. Lol

I have heard alot of people saying the don't like how the F-bomb is always popping up. However, it honestly didn't bother me and I didn't think it appear that much. I remember being 16/17 I used it almost everyday. So maybe thats why it didn't bother me. There is some reference to drugs, sex and alcohol so maybe not suitable for younger readers.

Please if you haven't read this wonderful novel please get out there and read. I got this from my library so I will now be buying myself my own copy very soon. As its a story I know I will reread again and again.

Rate: 5/5


  1. this sounds really good :) will be getting when i come off my ban lol

  2. This sounds like a really great book! Thanks for the review, I loved it.


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