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First I want to say a massive sorry that I haven't been keeping this updated!!
Lately I just havent had the time to get online and when I do have 5 mins to myself I am usually shattered. I will try my hardest to get online more often and keep you updating with my book reviews. I am in a reading Funk so havent been reading the past few days hopefully will get out it soon. 
I do have a few reviews coming soon hopefully I will get them posted over the next week or so. 
Review Policy Update 

this is up a small note (I will add this to my policy page as well) to update my review policy.

1. As life lately has been getting in the way of my reading and reviews I am going to scrap the time limited for getting reviews up. Its just unrealistic for me to say I will for definte get your review posted within a certain amount of time due to life and my serious backlog for reviews. However, I am sorting out the ebook sent for review so that Destiny can help when she can.

2. I prefer reading hardcopies of books and usually them and arcs/new releases will usually take priority.

3. I may not be able to review every book I receive. This could be due to me not finishing the book but I will email you and let you know. And if possible I will pass the book onto someone who would be able to review the book.

Thanks all for now Sorry again I will try to get back on track with the blog and hopefully we will be able to generate more traffic and followers on to the blog.


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