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The Starkin Crown by Kate Forsyth

I have never heard of this author before or her book but I seen this on a website and Oh wow Its stunning!! I have been looking online for this book but so far it seems to be only available in the Australia. I am going to be keeping my eyes on for this book.

I am pretty sure its part of a series but not 100 % as I really cant find much info on it. But just had to share the cover because its really beautiful!!!



  1. That cover is BEAUTIFUL! If it never comes out here, there's always Book Depository!

  2. wow it looks amazing not heard of this book before.

  3. This book is the third and last book in the children's fantasy series, 'The Chronicles of Estelliana', which follows 'The Starthorn Tree' and 'The Wildkin's Curse'.

    The Starkin Crown will hit the bookshops in May 2011 in aus, so I'm keeping a eye open for it :)

    Also here is a bit about the storyline.
    "The action in 'The Starkin Crown' takes place over the twelve days of Yule, beginning with the feast of the midwinter solstice and ending at midnight on Twelfth Night. Our hero Peregrine must escape through the Perilous Forest in the midst of a wild snowstorm, guided by a white owl, and accompanied by his faithful squire, Jack, and a beautiful starkin girl named Grizelda. They must endure the bitter cold, ambush, betrayal and murder, in a desperate quest to find the lost spear of the Storm King and rescue Peregrine's parents."

    I hope that info helps :)

    -Natasha @ The Paranormal Goddess Blog-


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