A Bloody London Sunset (The Sunset Vampire Series #2) by Jaz Primo

Format: Paperback
Pages:  395
Published: 1st May 2011
Publisher:  Rutherford Literary Group LLC
Genre: Adult Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Katrina Rawlings is a vampire who has finally rediscovered happiness for the first time in centuries. But unwanted complications erupt with a vengeance. Decisions of necessity combined with dark memories from a forgotten past threaten her relationship with the love of her life. When a sacrifice must be made, can she endure her decision? Caleb Taylor's life is finally back on track. He has rebounded from a near mortal injury, both physically and emotionally. Yet, his reality is shaken by the suggestion of a betrayal of trust from the woman he loves. Can the power of love overcome the power of a lie? Paige Turner is a century old vampire who fearlessly revels in a simple existence pursuing blood, dancing, and sex. Simple needs, and all met in the same manner: hot, fast, and without regrets. But a spontaneous visit leads to heartfelt sacrifice, and unexpected complications strike fear to the core of her soul. Will she survive the revelations?

A huge thanks to Jaz for allowing me to review his second novel. I truely loved Sunrise at Sunset and was really excited when I finally got this through my door. I could have kissed my postman. And I was not disappointed at all.

Set just a little after the events in book 1 we see Kat and Caleb trying to get their lives back on track. However, soon Caleb discovers the secrets that Kat has been hiding and he is finding life even harder to trust. With the help of Paige though they soon patch things up and escape to England. Things seem to be working out great for our couple but not is all as they appear in England and soon they find themselves in danger yet again.

So its no secret how much I love this first book and its mainly due to the wonderful strong characters. Kat is a strong willed bad assed Alpha Vampires, yet she seems to have softened a little more from the previous novel. Caleb, who was quite shy in the first book has really grown. He is more out going and just an overall stronger character. The two of them together is just wonderful. They are made for each other. Clearly in love and yet its not an overally romantic, sickly kind of love. Even when they are fighting they still adore each other. The big plus for me was the return of the favourite character, Paige Turner (and yes that still makes me giggle) I just love Paige. She is so cute and yet kind of scary. Her and Caleb's friendship is very interesting and they way they act around each other is sometimes so playful and sweet its almost childlike.

A Blood London Sunset is the kind of story that you can just lose yourself in. Its action packed and full of suspense and witty banter that its hard not to drawn into it. Even though the title is suggests that its going to mainly set in London, don't get to see London until about two thirds of a way in. Although I was so enchanted with the story that I honestly didn't even notice because Jaz has a way to building up and story and then just BAM the main event just hits you and its just plain awesome!!

If you love your urban fantasy with a fast paced, action packed story then please read this series. And support Jaz who is a wonderful and talent Indie author.

Rate: 5/5

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  1. Excellent review, Siobhan! Thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel! :-)


  2. It was a pleasure. I loved every minute cant wait for book 3


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