Unleashed UK vs US

Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1)
by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

UK:1st Dec 2011
US: 13th Dec 2011

When Katelyn starts at her new school the only person she knows is the handsome and intriguing Trick Sokolov, an acquaintance of her grandfather. She's surprised when the popular Cordelia Fenner invites her home and when she meets Cordelia's hot brother, she begins to think her new life might be ok after all. But as she spends time with the family, she realises that the Fenners are harbouring a deep dark secret. Every bone in Katelyn's body tells her that the Fenners are mad, bad and dangerous to know - but how can she give up her only friend, and how can she ignore the way Justin sets her blood on fire with a single look? Katelyn finds herself caught between three major werewolf clans who have been at war with each other for centuries - a war, it seems, that Katelyn is destined to end.

WOW! Thats what coming to mind for this book. I want it now! Both these covers are just fantastic and very eye catching. I love the green of the UK. And the font used for the UK. I love the Moon on the US one. Its a hard decision and it was going to be a tie. However I keep getting drawn to those green eyes in the UK one.

Winner: UK

What to you prefer?



  1. UK... why is it that the UK covers always look better? yes sometimes the US ones do but i seem to prefer the UK for most books. :-/

  2. I have always said the UK 90% of the time the better covers. =) So glad I stay in the UK as well.


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