Feature Friday needs you Help!!

Incase some of you don't already know. I have another blog/page. Its called Thoughts of a Mad Hatter!
Its mainly for my non fantasy and scifi reviews and movie reviews. 

I recently won a great Lauren Kate goodie bag for that blog and I am going to give away the contents on it. However, I need help first. 

I need to get 500 members on the Thoughts of Mad Hatter facebook page. And once we reach that target I will hold the giveaway. So please please help out. Head over and like the page if you are on facebook. and also head over and follow the blog.

Thanks in advance!!!


  1. Oohh sounds good. I'll see if I can get some more members for you hun. Will pop a link on the UK Swap shop and Hot F Men group. :)
    Donna x

  2. Thanks Donna. Was tempted to keep the goodie bag but thought it would be better to give it away. and the goodie bag is awesome. =)

  3. comment


    lol sorry couldnt help my self :) I think your reveiws are great except they keep making add to my must read/buy booklist but thats ok.

    So yea follow your blog and your facebook and going to go before I really ramble on about nothing

    See you on the flip side

  4. Lol. Thanks Cathy. Please ramble away we dont get alot of comments on the blog. Its mostly on the facebook page. =) Glad you joined the page and blog.

    Im glad the reviews are working their magic lol


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