Mitchell Parker: Sword Dancer by Jennifer Roberson Review

Published:Sept 2 1986
Publisher DAW
Genre: Fantasy

Delilah, a mysterious blond northern swords-woman, hires Sand Tiger, arguably the best swordsman in the south to serve as her guide as she tracks down the slavers who slaughtered her family and seized her brother.

I first read this book over 25 years ago and it has remained as one of my all time favorite stories. It is an amazing beginning to a truly breathtaking six book series.  Tiger starts out as a bored, chauvinistic  swordsman with a taste for alcohol and cantina girls. While Del is an enigma; a sexy, mysterious, magical and deadly dangerous woman in a world where women are treated as third or fourth class citizens. This is a story of conflict, romance and discovery. Set in the burning deserts of the south, Roberson makes you feel the grit in the creases of your skin as the sun beats down on you, scorching your head as it pulls the moisture out of your body. As the adventure progresses they encounter cannibals, slavers, desert storms, and sandtigers (to name a few) on their journey.  I especially like how Roberson slowly reveals the secrets that each holds, allowing us to see why the characters espouse the views that they do. But more importantly it is a story of change. As time goes by we watch as each character changes the other for the better. Jennifer Roberson has developed two characters who you will come to know and love like old friends. This book has it all: adventure, danger, sword-play, mystery, fantasy, and perhaps even the beginning of a romance.... A hard to put down tale that will stay with you long after you have finished it.

Rate: 5/5


Mitchell Parker 

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