Graveminder UK vs US

UK vs US

Graveminder by Melissa Marr
UK:7th July 2011
US: 17th May 2011

When Rebekkah returns to her small-town home for her beloved Grandmother’s funeral, little does she suspect that she is about to inherit a darkly dangerous family duty on behalf of Claysville’s most demanding residents – the dead. Everyone in Claysville knows that the Barrows are no ordinary family, but no one can really explain why. When respected matriarch Maylene Barrow dies suddenly her granddaughter Rebekkah returns to the small town she grew up in, where she must face the demons of her past – the suicide of her half-sister Ella, the person she was closest to in the world, and the subsequent break-up of her parents’ marriage. And she also re-encounters Byron, Ella’s old boyfriend, someone to whom she has always felt a deep and mysterious connection. But the demons of the past are nothing compared with what the future has in store for Rebekkah. Her grandmother has left her an inheritance both wonderful and terrible. An onerous responsibility now rests on her shoulders – one for which she is ill-prepared to say the least. For behind Claysville’s community-spirited, small-town facade lies a dark secret. One that ties Rebekkah and Byron together in an inextricable bond, and that will require them both to sacrifice everything to keep their friends and neighbours from harm.

I really like both these covers, I love the prettiness of the UK one with the lovely design and the nice colours. I like the creepiness of the US one though. So I really like both. 

Winner: Tie

What do you think?


  1. I bought and read this book last week I like the UK cover the roses actually fit in with the story and its much prettier in real life the vines and roses are all embossed. Great story to!

  2. Hard pick. They are both awesome! I agree with a tie. Maybe after I read it I will have a different take. Both would make me pick it up though.


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