Cover Change

The Witches War Series has had a make over. Above is the US edition of the Hardback cover of book 1 and the old cover of book 2.
Below is the new covers. Nightshade paperback(28th June) and the New Wolfsbane Hardback. (26th July).

Even though I really like the covers. I prefer the original and I am so glad they arent changing the UK editions.


  1. I like the old ones better too. The new ones are OK yet quite mainstreem while the old ones were intense and dark I think.

  2. yeah the old ones are very unique and make you stop and look. I dont think the new would stand out on a bookshelve

  3. I do NOT like the new covers! I have the hardback of Nightshade and is beautiful so shiny and with this won't match. I still have to read Nightshade lol

  4. i like the old ones best they call to you to buy the book while the new ones dont.

  5. The old ones are better!

  6. Hi, Siobhan! Just wanted to add my opinion!

    I do prefer the original covers -- definitely!! What I think they should do is to leave the original hardback cover (the green one) for the hardback, and use the new one for the paperback, so that it matches the new paperback cover for "Nightshade". That way, we would have two very nice pairs of covers!

    I have even written a letter to the publisher, requesting that they do this. I wonder if they'll listen.... Lol! : )


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