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Jennifer Allis Provost
First of all, thank you Siobhan for allowing me to write this guest post! I really do appreciate the opportunity to ramble away on her awesome blog. Of course, accepting the opportunity also meant that I needed to come up with a topic, so I decided to answer a question I get often: Why do I write about faeries?

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by magical creatures. Little pixies like Tinkerbelle, faerie godmothers a la Cinderella, mischievous imps like Rumplestiltskin, I loved them all. One of my first great loves was a comic series called Elfquest; in it, the elves are beautiful and daring and brave, everything a proper magical creature should be. Another early love was One Unicorn by Gale Cooper, as much for the bittersweet tale of Princess Alicia and her unicorn as the beautiful artwork.

I began writing faerie stories while in the eighth grade, and now that original story is Rise of the Deva’shi: A Chronicle of Parthalan. In it, Latera, a human princess, is taken from her home and becomes lost in the Faerie Realm. She becomes a huntress in Faerie Queen’s court, and a pivotal figure in the eternal war between faeries and demons.

But really, why faeries? Why not vampires or werewolves or…or rabid mutant chipmunks? I do enjoy reading all sorts of paranormal stories (except chipmunks) but faeries seem real to me. Yes, I can suspend my disbelief long enough to accept that a hundred pound woman shifts into a 300 pound slavering wolf, or that vampires manage to survive for centuries on nothing but blood and sparkle in direct sunlight, but I do not entertain the notion that I may actually encounter one of these critters. On a warm, spring day, when the wildflowers bob and bend ever so gently in the absence of a breeze, who’s to say it wasn’t a faerie alighting on those petals, drawing a cupful of nectar?

Jennifer Allis Provost is the author of Rise of the Deva’shi: A Chronicle of Parthalan, and the soon to be released Heir to the Sun. One thousand years before the deva’shi rose, Parthalan’s king enslaved the fair folk. It falls to a nameless slave and a warrior descended from a god to save their kind.

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