P.C Cast Book Signing Glasgow


Yesterday I went to the P.c Cast's book signing at Waterstones in Glasgow, Scotland. It was incredible. She is a wonderful person and Omg She is hilarious.

She took her time answering questions that everyone always asks on her blog and then opened up to a Q&A and she took her time and answer everyone who asked.

She is really down to earth and I swear if my teachers where like her when at school I would have stayed on till the end. Lol.

One thing I really look and everyone thought was funny is that the kid Elliot, he was actually a real kid. Lol.

Oh and big extra Kudo on her scottish accent saying "Naw" she was rather good and the fact that she is married to a Scotsman is wicked.

I got most of my books all signed apart from one. No idea how that one got left out but just means next time she comes I get can it sign.

I also have a small surprise for you all aswell. However I will reveal once we reach 100 blog followers. Stay Tuned!!!



  1. ohh wow! Lucky Lady!!! SO Jealous right now. I love PC Cast!

  2. Lol. Me 2. I was so lucky i just happened to look on the waterstones website last week. and seen she was coming and my friend picked up a ticket for me. it was aweseome

  3. So cool! I am so excited for you! I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting an author in real life yet. Hopefully some day. Sorry about the missed book but your right, another excuse to meet her. I have not yet started my series of hers but I have the first one & the last two so I need the 4 middle ones & I can read (I like to have them all so there are no interruptions)! hehe.. Good luck wth your 100 followers! I will def help spread the word for you!

  4. Yeah She was the first author I have meet in person. Was great. I have a few signed books from authors sending me them. I was so nervous and excited about meeting her hope she comes back soon.

    YOu really need to read them they are awesome!! Im going to start her other books i think aswell.

  5. One lucky lady =] so jealous & i hope to meet her one day

  6. I wish I could meet authors too in person. I live in Alabama.


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