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Passion (Fallen #3) by Lauren Kate

UK: 16th June 2011
US: 14th June 2011

Passion Cover is finally here and its very nice. However, I think the 1st two are alot nicer. And Fallen cover is my fave. Do you guys like it?

Order the Series:

Order the Series:


  1. LOVE that cover!

    For the challenge you were inquiring about yes you can use YA, etc.

  2. Yeah the cover is pretty

    Thanks. its usually all YA book i read.

    I have made my own small challenge its the very first for the blog/FB page feel free to check it out in the challenges tab

  3. I was let down a little by this cover :( Fallen and Torment were like these beautiful unique photography style pictures, and this ones more computer done. I won't let my opinion of the cover stop me from buying this book though.

  4. Oh, I LOVE this cover!! I have it posted on my blog, too. I'm currently reading "Torment". It's too bad this book won't be coming out until June....

    BTW, i'm a new follower, and I'd like to give you an award, because you have such a BEAUTIFUL blog! You can find it at:

    Hope you decide to accept it! : )

  5. Awwww Maria that you sooo much =)

  6. You're VERY welcome, Siobhan!! I'm so glad I made your day! Thanks to you, as well, for stopping by my blog, becoming a follower, and leaving such nice comments! : )


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