Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead Reviewed by Jayne O'hagan


Date of publish 7th December 2010
Publisher by Penguin Books

It all comes down to now. 
The Queen is dead & the Moroi world will never be the same.

Rose Hathaway is awaiting wrongful execution & there exists only one man who can stall this terrible fate. Rose must look to both Dimitri & Adrian, the two great loves of her life, to find him. 
With her best friend, Lissa, in a deadly struggle for the royal throne, the girls find themselves forced to rely upon enemies & questioning those they thought they could trust.....

But what if true freedom means sacrificing the most important thing of all? Each other..

Forbidden temptation lies behind the iron gates.....

First i'll start with the cover & even though i kinda like it (a little) it just looks odd against the others. This is the final book following Rose Hathaway & i had high expectations. Anyway onto the book itself. We find Rose locked up in a cell in the court & it seems everything is spiralling out of control for her. The only escape she gets is when she lets herself be with Lissa through their bond & all her friends seem to be trying everything they can to find out who really murdered the Queen but they're getting nowhere fast. Abe, Rose's father, visits her to tell her everything is moving fast & her trail will be within the next 2 weeks. Unknown to Rose there is another force working with her & planning to break her out some many people working together to help her & delay the trail. The breakout is a huge incident, Rose is kept in the dark as the guards might pick up on the change in her emotions. They make use of spirit in order to make their escape the only one who they see apart from Rose is Dimitri. They have help from Sydney (the Alchemist) who is ''working'' for Abe although i don't really think she's happy about it but deals with it very well. They are meant to be staying in a safe place out of the way & out of trouble!! like that's going to happen Abe really doesn't know his daughter, after trying unsuccessfully to get away from Dimitri & alerting the police, they have to move on & hide out in the wilderness. Rose then remembers he letter Ambrose gave her &she knows what she has to do to find the Lissa's sibling, but first she needs convince both Dimitri & Sydney it's the right thing to do & sitting around waiting isn't her thing & she needs to be busy. She convinces them but it comes at a price as the one person she doesn't ever want to see again is the person who helps them get the information that's needed. 
Rose uses the bond to keep check on what's going on back at the court she feels it keeps her in touch with her friends who she misses so much & how they're going with clearing her name. 
It's got everything this book, action, love, humour & the twists & turns of the riddle of who the real murderer is & i won't revel who it was but i for one never guessed it was that person. I was totally way off line!!. It was hard not to give away any spoilers in this review & i'm kinda sad it's finished but really happy all the lose ends are tied up & i know some people won't be happy who Rose ended up with but as long as she's happy then i'm happy.
I really really enjoyed this book & am looking forward to what Richelle comes up with next

Jayne O'Hagan
Date Reviewed: 12th Dec 2010

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