Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel Reviewed by Jayne O'hagag

Published August 3rd 2010 by Macmillan Children's Books

A Beauty, A Lover. A Queen.

Lenah Beaudonte five hundred years of pain, one chance to live & love again

I didn't look a day over 16 yet- if someone had calculated - on that particular day i officially turned 592.

It was Rhode Lewin- tall,chiselled with eyes of cool blue - who made Lenah a vampire. But it was Lenah who made herself a queen.
Now, after five centuries,she longs for something different. To feel the sun on her skin; the grass under her feet; the warm breath of a kiss. To be human again.
But that requires a great sacrifice from the on vampire she truly loves - the irresistible Rhode. And her coven - the four vampires she led in decadence and thrilling destruction - will want their queen back.....


I didn't read any reviews before i started this book. So i had no exceptions. Even though i've pick the book up a few times in Adsa to read the back of it.
Let me start with the cover, it's beautiful with its silver dust cover with leaves sort of raised so you can feel it over a black book with a picture of woman with the most amazing eyes.
I've read alot of vampire books & am very glad to say that this was so very different again. This centre's round Lenah who wants to be human after over 500 years of eternal life, but it comes at a price. Rhode who made Lenah into a vampire finds everything he needs to do the ritual. Rhode also puts everything in place that she'll need for her human life. It is so difficult not to give away any spoilers. I loved the flash backs which where amazing i really imagined myself there as they was happening i've never seen that in a vampire book before & it made it more real. Lenah meets people who show her what living & loving is all about.

I finished this book in just over a day which is fast for me. It had me gripped from the first page to the last it had me laughing & crying & i am really looking forward to the next instalment. I'd recommend this book to everyone.

Jayne O'Hagan
First Reviewed: 17th Nov 2010

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