Blog Change Idea

Hey guys, I was thinking of changing the blog just a little instead of being a blog for just Fantasy and Scifi novels I was thinking of changing it to a review blog for all genres that I read. What do you guys think? Change it? or Leave it as it is and just keep the "Other Review" tab for non fantasy and scifi reviews?

Let me know!!!


  1. Changing it into a review blog for all genres is a great idea. Just sort the entries into different tags:) I would love to read different kinds of reviews from you.

  2. yeah, seems though on FB keep it the same but having that Other Review Tabs seems more popular, since most people who follow this and are on FB are here because its a fantasy and scifi page.

  3. I'm not really into other genres of books... I'm cool with reading the reviews, though. ( *just don't think you'll sway me to the "other" side ;)
    I'm strictly a vampire, werewolf, witch, demon, nephillim, fairy, immortal, fallen angel kind of girl... but for the love of all that is holy, NO Kraken, no kraken. LOL =)

  4. lol, Im not really a big reader of other genres but I do read them from time to time so thought i would add them to the blog, and hopefully in doing so I will get the chance to get some books from authors and publishing place for revewing fingers crossed


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