#TheRockyHorrorShow: Thrilling, Sexy and Hilarious

I am no longer a Rocky Horror Show Virgin!!! I finally got to see this outstanding show live on Friday at the fabulous King's Theatre in Glasgow. I love the movie. It is a cult classic and the show has just celebrated it's 40th Anniversary. For a show to be going that long really says something about the genius that is Richard O'Brien for creating a seriously  magical story that been captivating the audiences for years and no doubt for years to come. 

While I love the movie. It wasn't until I watched the 40th Anniversary Live with David Bedella that made me seriously fall in love with the show. I know many people say that Tim Curry is is the best Frank and he made the character. However, for me David is without a doubt Frank. He is sexy, sassy and his voice?? OMG He is just perfection. And while I was gutted I wouldn't get to see him live as Frank I was excited to go see the show no matter what. 

The buzz for this show starts before it even it begins. I could feel the excitement from people even waiting in the queue to get it in. Seeing people in costume was fantastic. Even if some weren't that great. Granted we didn't dress up and I think a lot of people didn't because of the time of our showing. I think if it was an evening showing more people would have dressed up and I can safely say next time WE ARE dressing up.

The opening of the show really got the crowd going and you could feel the electricity in the air from everyone's excitement. You could tell who had been life long fans because they new the show inside out and sang along with every word. You could also tell the ones who weren't too sure what to except and were unsure of the show. For me though, while I am not a life long fan of the actual who I knew some of the words and I knew what to expect because I have seen the 40th Anniversary Live show on tv. And it meet my exceptions and then some. 

I could really feel the suspense building up for the big reveal of when we first get to see Frank n Furter on stage and let me tell you. I think I burst an eardrum. The reaction was phenomenal. Liam Tamne is playing Frank and he was a sensational. He has the audience eating out the palm of his hands and he dominates that stage. His voice? WOW. I had never heard him before. I didn't know he was in the Voice because I don't watch it. But his voice is memorizing. He reminds me a little of David Bedella because he manages to capture the character of Frank perfectly and has the right balance of Masculine and feminine. And come on? How sexy is he?? He is bloody gorgeous himself but dressed up as frank? Sweet Sassy Molassy. At one point he is standing with his costume on, leather jacket and branding a whip and OH MY GOD. It was a sight to behold. 

Fangirl love moment.

Of the course the show is more than just Frank. The cast did a fantastic job. They were all wonderful and the heckling is a great and hilarious part of the show. There was a few times that the narrator and hecklers has the full theatre in absolute stitches. Norman Pace was our narrator. I liked that he made it a little personal to Glasgow. I couldn't move for laughing a few times. The rest of the cast were great. Even if I was little unsure of Diane Vickers are Janet but she is a good job.

Now when I think Rocky Horror I think the Time Warp. Everyone and their grannies know that song and the dance because it's a classic party song. It's changed a little from the song that is in the show but when I think back to all the times it got played at school disco I am actually shocked that it was even allowed. LOL. But the version in the show is so much better. And the first time they sang it in the show I was terrified. Where we were sitting you could actually feel the whole floor bouncing and we were up a level from the ground so pretty damn scary. When it was time for the reprise we stood right at the back just because we are big scaredy cats lol. But seeing everything singing and dancing was a great and really that is all this show is about. Enjoying yourself. 

If you haven't seen this show yet I urge you to book tickets the next time it's in your town. It's thrilling, sexy and hilarious. You are going to have an blast. I can't wait to go again. Next time in costume!!! 

I take no credit for any images used. We weren't allowed to take photos at the show. :(

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