*Book Review* What If by Rebecca Donovan

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Published: 22nd Jan 2015
Publisher:  Penguin UK
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: New Adult, Romance

What if you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?

Cal Logan is shocked to see Nicole Bentley sitting across from him at a coffee shop thousands of miles from their hometown. After all, no one has seen or heard from her since they graduated over a year ago.

Except this girl isn't Nicole.

She looks exactly like Cal's shy childhood crush, but her name is Nyelle Preston and she has no idea who he is. This girl is impulsive and daring, her passion for life infectious. The complete opposite of Nicole. Cal finds himself utterly fascinated and falling hard. But Nyelle is also extremely secretive. And the closer he comes to finding out what she's hiding, the less he wants to know.

When the secrets from the past and present collide, one thing becomes clear: Nothing is what it seems.

"What If" is a story that had me hooked from page one! It was exciting, funny, beautifully written and slightly mysterious with a lot of serious issue that is mixed into the main story between Cal and Nyelle.

I am actually having trouble trying to do write a proper review because I think no matter what I say I will end up spoiling the story. And "What If" is the kind of book that you just have to read without really knowing anything about it. The author takes you on a journey that if you have even the slightest idea of something that happens in it, you will lose the magic of discovering what happens as it actually happens. (If that makes any sense at all?? lol)

"What If" is such an amazing read. The story is like an emotional roller coaster, which I love! I love drama and this is packed with drama and amazing characters. Cal I think is just lovable. I haven't read many books that have a males point of view but this is one of the better ones that I have read. Nyelle is a girl who I connected with straight away. She is impulsive, a little wild but very mysterious.

As I said above this is an emotional read as well. You are drawn into the story and get so caught up with the characters life's that you can't help but feel exactly what they are going through. At one point it took me about 30 minutes just to read a few pages because I could not stop crying. So have tissues if you are cry very easily!!!!!

If you like emotionally charge new adult romance fiction then this is a book that I recommend!!! I now really need to read the authors others book!!

f you have read the book please share your thoughts in the comments or share you review links :)
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  1. I hadn't heard of this book before Siobhan, but I'm glad that you ended up loving it and it had such an emotional impact on you! Lovely review! :)

  2. Thanks!! I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Happy Reading, xox


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