**It's Back** Cover, Cover On The Blog: Storm

Cover, Cover On The Blog is our feature for comparing book covers. We used to do UK vs US but decided to revamp it and now we will compare UK, US and Another Country, it is similar to UK vs World from Bookaholics Book Club. All credit for the Title goes to Ninfa Hayes, author of Bites. And is a play on the Mirror Mirror quote from Snow White.

(I am sorry from the font looking a slightly weird below, my photoshop is not working right and makes all my font look well, like this *cries*)

Sio: This one a tough one!! I love both the UK and AUS cover. I don't like the US cover at all!! I think it is boring! But the UK and AUS ones are really eye catching and powerful! I am leaning slightly over to the AUS design mainly just because of the font used!

Des: I have to admit I love the Aus cover! I love the people with the hurricane symbol and the colors just work well. The US cover was rather disappointing and boring in my opinion. It just doesn't have the same kick. The UK cover was a close to tie for first. The colors are gorgeous and the side profiles are really striking. But overall, the Aus cover really nails it, in my opinion!

Our Winner: AUS

Voting is Now Closed!!!!


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  1. I hate the uk and aus ones. I LOVE the us covers and have them for all the books. I love how it has all the brothers on it


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