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Today is my stop in The Forbidden Tomb Blog Tour and we have a fantastic guest post by the fabulous author!!!!

Title: The  Forbidden Tomb
Series: The Hunters #2
Author: Chris Kuzneskis
Genre: Adventure
Published: 24th April 2014
Publisher: Headline

Financed by a billionaire philanthropist, The Hunters - an ex-soldier, an historian, a computer whiz, a weapons expert, and a thief - have become an elite team of adventurers. Their mission? To find history's legendary lost treasures.

For over two thousand years, the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great - and the riches concealed within - has evaded discovery. Now, after centuries of searching, an ancient map has come to light that could hold the key to finding the fabled vault. Only one team has the skill and the expertise to solve the mystery once and for all.

It's up to The Hunters to find the tomb. But on arriving in Alexandria, it quickly becomes clear that hostile forces are on their trail. And when one of the team is captured in cisterns deep below the city, what began as a treasure hunt becomes a deadly rescue mission.

For there are some who will use any means possible to destroy The Hunters' efforts, and now there is more at stake than they ever could have imagined.

Read on for the guest post written by the author!!!


Believe it or not, I never intended for Jonathon Payne & David Jones—the main characters in eight of my bestsellers—to be treasure hunters. If you look at my first few thrillers (The Plantation, Sign of the Cross, and Sword of God), you’ll see that Payne & Jones were searching for missing people, not buried treasures. It just so happened that along the way they befriended a cheerful historian (Petr Ulster) and a few troubled archaeologists who needed their help on the way to major discoveries.
Before I knew it, Payne & Jones were finding treasures all over the world. 

Luckily for me, my readers loved it. My sales were soaring, and my publishers were ecstatic, so it didn’t make sense to change the formula. I willingly continued down the same path with my next three books (The Lost Throne, The Prophecy, and The Secret Crown) even though I knew in my heart that I was straying farther and farther from my original design. Back when I wrote my first novel, I had pictured Payne & Jones more like James Bond or Jason Bourne than Indiana Jones or Dirk Pitt, but the duo was becoming more and more like the popular explorers with every novel. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those guys. The truth is Indiana Jones and Dirk Pitt are two of my all-time favorite characters and probably the two biggest reasons that I fell in love with the action-adventure genre as a child. In some ways, it almost seems like fate. I grew up in Indiana, PA, and attended the University of Pittsburgh, which is commonly referred to as Pitt. Obviously I had no choice but to love Indiana Jones and Dirk Pitt.) 

Anyway, where was I?

By the summer of 2010, I knew I had to make some changes before the original concept of Payne & Jones was lost forever. I knew my readers and publishers wanted me to continue in the same genre, so it made sense to create a new hero whose sole purpose was to find ancient treasures. But I had seen that formula (Indy, Dirk, Robert Langdon, etc.) way too many times in the past, so I decided to create something new: a team of strangers with diverse backgrounds who were hired to find the most important treasures in history.

And just like that, the Hunters were born.

The first book in the new series—called THE HUNTERS—featured a brand-new cast of characters that I quickly fell in love with. Financed by a billionaire philanthropist, this elite team—a soldier (Jack Cobb), an historian (Jasmine Park), a computer whiz (Hector Garcia), a weapons expert (Josh McNutt), and a thief (Sarah Ellis)—was asked to locate a Romanian train filled with riches that disappeared in Russia during World War I. The book received some of the best reviews of my career and is currently being made into a Hollywood blockbuster starring, um, er… Sorry, I have to keep that secret for now! But rest assured, as soon as I’m allowed to say I’ll blog the hell out of it!!! However, I am allowed to tell you about the second book in the series. It’s called THE FORBIDDEN TOMB, and it will be released in the UK on April 24. The Hunters are asked to find the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great and the extraordinary riches concealed within. While following ancient clues in Egypt, they encounter hostile forces that will do anything to stop them. Before long, the treasure hunt becomes a deadly rescue mission that will take the lives of hundreds and leave a city in ruins. As the danger continues to mount, they will have to rise to the challenge to find the ultimate prize. 

I hope you enjoy the new characters as much as I do. With any luck, they’ll be around for many books (and movies) to come.

Chris Kuzneski is the international bestselling author of The Forbidden Tomb, The Einstein Pursuit, The Hunters, The Death Relic, The Secret Crown, The Prophecy, The Lost Throne, Sword of God, Sign of the Cross, and The Plantation. His thrillers have been published in more than twenty languages and are sold in more than forty countries. To learn more about him and his novels, please visit: www.chriskuzneski.com.

A big thank you to the author and publisher for allowing my little blog to be apart of this blog tour. The book sounds fantastic!!! I can't wait get to make a start on this series!

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