*Beta Read Review* Forever Kansas by Julie Cassar

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Ebook/Beta Read
Pages: N/A
Published: N/A
Publisher: Self- Published
Source: Author for Review
Genre:  YA, Fantasy, Paranormal

N/A - As soon as there is a blurb I will add it. I promise

Forever Kansas is the first book I have ever reviewed that is A) A Beta Read  and B) Not complete! Yip I have only read half the book but this review is mainly to get a feel for the book and get some buzz going about the author and her novels!!!

If you have been following me for a while you should know by now that I am actually in love with the author!! She rocks my book world and is my favourite indie author!! I adored her Ruby Blue series so even though I am cutting back on review requests I had to jump at the chance to get a sneak peak into her spin off book. 

Forever Kansas is told from Brennan's POV. It was so refreshing to actually get inside his head because I loved him in the Ruby Blue series. We get to see a different side to him in this book and it is nice to see Ruby through his eyes because I love Rub.y I think she is kick ass and funny.

Of course I can't really go into any detail about the story because it's not the completed story but I will say that so far It is FREAKING AWESOME!!! I had been sitting for days after I finished reading because apart from just writing over and over "I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT." I didn't know what else to say!! Even though I just  knew I was going to love it and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the 2nd half of the book. I need more Brennan!!! He is my big book crush of the moment. I can not get enough of him. 

I highly recommend everyone to get started on the author's Ruby Blue series. They are super fun, smart and kickass. With amazing plot twists and lovable characters you will not be disappointed. You can check out my reviews of the series incase you need a little push

Ruby Blue (#1)
Deja Blue (#2)
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  1. I am sooooo honored to be your favorite Indie Author! Thank you so much for beta reading this first half... I have been on pins and needles myself, as I have NEVER released an unfinished book for reveiw!

  2. That was an awesome review so far.....I can't wait to read this new book either. Thanks for giving it such a good push. Waiting patiently.


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