Book Review: Love, Tink (Love, Tink #1- 6) by Elle Strauss

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 242
Published: 18th June 2013 
Publisher: ESB Publishing
Source:  Bought
Genre: YA Paranormal, Retelling
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Tink is hopelessly smitten with Peter, the leader of the lost boys who'd mysteriously arrived at Neverland two years ago. Unfortunately, Peter is tired of the adventure and especially tired of dodging Captain Hook who is after his head. He just wants to go back to New York City and live his life as a normal fifteen-year-old.

Tink is the only one who can help Peter return, but it breaks her heart to do it. She just wants to make him happy, so she does the unthinkable and betrays the fairy king. Now her heart is filled with remorse. Should she go after Peter? Should she follow him to his New York?

Originally published as six separate novella episodes, Love, Tink the complete series is all six stories together in one volume.
I originally read this series as they were first published. I don't usually follow novella series unless I can get them as a combined story like this story is now. However, I grabbed the first episode for free and I was hooked!!! I loved everything about this story and with Peter Pan being my first love I was instantly drawn in to this fun and exciting retelling.

Tink is madly in love with Peter. But Peter wants to go home, leaving Tink and the lost boys and neverland behind. She is the only person who can help Peter return to New York but Peter leaving completely breaks her heart. And she decides to take drastic action and this decision could destroy everything for her but will she risk everything for Peter?

Yeah, I loved this!! Peter Pan was my first every book crush. And I adore anything that is Peter Pan related. So right away this had a big thumbs up from me. I thought it was in interesting take on classic tale and even more exciting that it was from mainly Tinks POV. Now Tink can come across as a bit selfish and foolish but she is also caring, funny and smart.  When it comes to Peter her heart takes over and she will do anything to make Peter happy. Peter, he isn't really like the Peter we all know. I didn't love him as much as I love THE Peter Pan. But he is still an interesting character and I understand why Tink loves him. He is lovely but doesn't really have the real wicked side the original tale has.

These were originally published in 6 episodes and let me tell you having to wait for each episode was hellish. I have no patience. The author manages to create a exciting story and had each episode packed with action that you flew through each installment and she usually left each episode with a cliffhanger which would kill me. And that is why I don't usually like novella series but it worked for this story and maybe it was just because the story and the author are awesome and that's why I didn't mind it.

I highly recommend this story to everyone. Especially Peter Pan lovers!! You will not be disappointment in this little gem. It's fast paced, exciting, fun and unique. Elle Strauss has told the classic story and put her own spin on it. So go on give this magical tale a try. You can get the first installment for free on Kindle (Amazon UK / Amazon US ) to give you a little taster of the story.

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