Bookalicious Covers #7

Here at Totally Bookalicious we adore book covers. It's the first thing we see and will make us want to pick up a book and see if it is worth while buying. So Bookalicious Covers is a featured where we show some of the intriguing book covers we come across. Covers are from past and future releases.
Click on the images to take you to the goodreads pages.
Walking Disaster Shattered Promises Earth Star
Dreams of lights School Spirits The Sweetest Dark
Blood Prophecy The Last Academy Fall of Night
It is always hard picking just a few to showcase here but hope you liked this week selection. Share you thoughts on the covers in the comments, spread the love and don't forget to come back next week for more "Bookalicious Covers"


  1. Looking forward to reading a few of these. The first thing that draws me to any book is the cover, then what it is about. Love walking disaster, school spirit, blood prophecy, the last academy and fall of night.

    1. I am the same. The cover draws me in but the blurb is the deal breaker. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. All really pretty covers. Want to read most of these. But for some reason the cover for Fall of Night just doesn't seem as nice as the previous Morganville covers. I don't know what it is :/ Maybe it's the tattoo? I'm not sure


    1. Oh I love it. It's one of my fave covers in the series.


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