Book Review: Sky Blue (Ruby Blue #3) by Julie Cassar

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Ebook
Pages:  280
Published: 27th Jan 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Author for Review
Genre: YA Paranormal, Fairy Tale
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Something strange is brewing in Lake City… as the summer comes to a close, Ruby finds herself caught in a torrent of trouble when a stranger blows into town. Relationships are put to the test, lines are drawn and a choice is made when the ways of the Royal Sky Court rain down upon Ruby and the gang. Weathering through a storm of secrets, spells and yet another life-changing adventure… who will survive in its wake?

Well what can I say?? Julie has did it again. I swear these books just get better and better. The Ruby Blue series is one of my favourite series they are so much fun and quick to read with loveable characters and fun filled plots that it is hard not to love. And with each book Julie manages to create something new and fresh for readers to get lost in. 

Sky Blue is the 3rd book in the series. Ruby is all excited to start her senior year and get back to a normal life after everything that happens during the summer. However, things don't go to plan when he finds out Brennan will be going to school with her to protect her. While trying to juggle Brennan and her boyfriend Nick, Ruby thinks she has just about figured out how to cope and they fall into a nice cosy routine. But it's just the calm before the storm. How can Ruby deal with everything? A new arrival at school and her feelings for Brennan even though she is with Nick. Drama!!

Freaking fun filled awesomesauce!!! That pretty much sums up how I feel about the book. I loved it every single word. No lie!! Ruby, is still one of my favourite characters. She is quirky, fun and loves her skinny jeans and converse (just like me). In this one even though she  is still her funny self she grows up a lot. We see her having to deal with some more serious issues and battling her feelings about Nick and Brennan. Nick, em.....Nick doesn't leave a lasting impression on me. Him and Ruby just don't match. He adores her but they just don't fit. Brennan though, I have been in love him with since book 1. He is adorable, funny, sweet and a pain in the ass lol. He drives Ruby insane and it is hilarious. I am 100% Team Brennan. Jeremy is also back and bigger than ever. The things that boy hits out with.....are priceless. He is so funny. 

Sky Blue is simply wonderful. The plot is out of this world. It is fast paced and exciting. Julie really goes all out for this one. There is never a dull moment so the readers are always kept glued to the story. I devoured this book within a few hours. I was completely drawn into the story that it felt like I was  there, standing beside the characters as they embarked on yet another adventure. 

I highly recommend these books to everyone who is looking for something fun and fresh to read. Julie is an amazing storyteller and manages to capture the readers full attention. Drawing them into the story that even after they finish reading they still can't quite let go because the ending is so perfect they need more and more. Yip, I need more. I can't wait to find out what happens next. 

A huge thank you to Julie for providing me with a copy of review. 
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  1. WOW! Thank you so much reading and loving Sky Blue!! I really poured my heart and soul into this story and I'm so glad it came across. Love you Siobhan!!!

    1. Aww thanks for stopping by. It was amazing!! And Love you aswell.

  2. Great Review, just downloaded book one, hope I like it as much as you did.


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