Siobhán's Project 10 Book

Project 10 Book was created by Emma at Bellebooks as a way to tackle our massive TBR piles. The idea of Project 10 Book is that we need to reads 10 books before we can buy another one, so basically for every 10 books we read we can purchase one book as a reward. 

If you'd like to take part either signup on Emma's blog or goodreads

For mine I will include hardbacks, paperbacks, and ebooks. I probably won't include my review books though. 

I won't do a set list because I'll change my mind too much so I'll just add them as I go (hopefully)

Project 10 Book #1
Hex HallAudreyPushing The LimitsCoexistTenTinyBreaths


  1. I really hope I stick to this :P

    ~ Yvonne

    1. Same here. Although I do have movivation behind me, my laptop, costing me a fortune so this will help my bank balance to help pay for it, lol.

  2. I like this idea. Hoping my books are in your stacks. Happy New Year!


  3. Good luck, I should do this as well, granted I didn't read 10 books all last year so that would mean no books at all, lol.


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