First Look at Katniss and Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It's been a while and I honestly can't remember the plot of catching fire but they both look good. 

What do you think if the cast of Finnick??

I'm not giving any opinion I didn't like the cast of The Hunger Games until I actually went to see the movie. 

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  1. i dont even remember finnink from catching fire, i think im gonna have to reread the series lol. the only actor ive ever loved who they pick was katniss. the others i never liked. cant wait til this comes out

  2. dont remember finnink at all so gonna have to reread, the only actor i was ever happy with was katniss. cant wait for this one to come out :D

  3. I admit . . . at first I didn't approve of the casting choice for Finnick even though I like the actor well enough (I had my hopes on another actor playing my favourite character). But after a while and after seeing pictures of him in the role of Finnick, I'm now definitely warming up to the actor and he looks great here in the photo and looks very much like my Finnick. So I can't wait to see how the film turns out, though I'm sure it will be brilliant!

    1. I can honestly say I don't remember him, or even the plot to catching fire (need to read it again) so I didn't think I could comment. But he looks good and really looking forward to the movie. Just annoying we need to wait soooooo long


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