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It is my pleasure to have Jeremy de Quidt on the blog today. Check out his amazing guest post and links to his books below

Halloween Party Guest List.

My first worry was whether it should be a fancy dress party or ‘come as you are’? Fancy dress might just be a bit of a problem as the chances of having one guest come dressed up as another can’t be overlooked. Then there’s the question of food - vampires/blood, werewolves/raw meat - I decided in the end to go with pizza. There are a variety of toppings, it’s easy to heat up, you don’t need cutlery and clearing up won’t be that much of a problem. But by far the biggest worry for me of the evening will be getting to the end of it alive. 

So, I’ve gone for a ‘come as you are’, Halloween pizza party. The costumes aren’t really going to be needed if you think about it. 

First on my guest list is a little old lady with a sack. You find them in the stories of the Brothers Grimm, usually sitting at the side of a road through a forest, and they always mean trouble - you never want to offend one, but you won’t know whether to ask/not to ask what she has in her sack, or offer to help/not help her carry it. The one thing that is certain is that they take offence really easily, and when they do the consequences are usually not worth finding out about, but that sack is a bonus - it will be very useful when it comes to clearing up the paper plates and cups at the end. 

What seems so obvious a choice amongst the guest list that it really is a no brainer, are Bram Stoker’s Dracula and as a couple, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and his monster. But they aren’t actually that simple for me. Firstly, it’s Dracula for goodness sake! At some point in the evening he’s going to sink his teeth into my neck. I won’t even see it coming. One minute we’ll be chatting over a triangle of pizza and the next everything will be eldritch mist and the world of the undead. I suppose I could wear a wreath of garlic, but that’s hardly welcoming and more of an issue for me is that I’m actually allergic to it (no, really I am - it trebles my heart rate and makes me throw up.) 

Then, Dr Frankenstein and his monster haven’t been getting on too well of late - it’s not all high five's and air kisses, and frankly the monster hasn’t been looking that well. But I suppose that if I’m going to wear the garlic, I need to have at least one, perhaps two, qualified medical Doctors on hand, so I’ll be sure to invite Robert Loius Stevenson’s Dr. Jeykll as well. But even then I’m not so certain that’s a good idea - he’s been drinking a lot lately and has made a very unpleasant friend who sometimes accepts invitations on his behalf.

But while I’m making the list, maybe I should include a very old friend from Russian folk tale, Baba Yaga. She has the most interesting teeth and would be very good at eating up any unwanted scraps (or guests) that were left at the end.

And I make no apologies for my final guest of the moment – he’s of my own creation. I shall invite Valter, the little coachman from The Toymaker. After all someone will have to cut up the pizza, and Valter does carry a knife sharp as any razor.

There will be others, I’m sure of it. They won’t miss a good party, not on Halloween. And do you know what? I think they’re going to be the really scary ones. Like nightmares they’ll come even though they haven’t been invited.

So, make sure your doors are shut because when they’ve done at my house, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if they didn’t come tap tapping at your windows as well. Just be certain that you don’t let them in.

Happy Halloween

Thank You Jeremy! So many amazing characters and Dracula would be on my guest list aswell!

The Toymaker: Amazon UK I Amazon US
The Feathered Man: Amazon UK I Amazon US 


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