Cover Cover On The Blog #4

Cover, Cover On The Blog is our new feature for comparing book covers. We used to do UK vs US but decided to revamp it and now we will compare UK, US and Another Country, it is similar to UK vs World from Bookaholics Book Club. All credit for the Title goes to Ninfa Hayes, author of Bites. And is a play on the Mirror Mirror quote from Snow White.
Sio: If you don't know these books are my favourite YA Vampire series off all time they are simply amazing. So I know that each of these covers do fit with the story. However, I am going to go with the UK because it is beautiful! I love the colours, the font and of course the simple image of the blood running down. Perfect.

Des: I love the UK once again! Are all the cover artists hiding out over there? I love the girl's eerie beauty, the border, the all just looks great. The US and Romanian covers are both a tie for second for me since I love the edgy feel of the US but equally love the gothic look of Romania. That said, one would think Romania would have amazing vampire cover artists, what with Transylvania and all...but maybe they're vacationing in the UK :)

Our Winner: UK
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  1. Oh, lookie, there's our Romanian cover!:) I have to say though that I prefer the UK covers for this series. Some of the US covers are awesome too, but... Meh.

    @Dee LOL I'd love to have some original cover art myself, but our Romanian publishers like to keep the original covers (or covers that have been used before in other countries, or something similar and with the same feeling etc) for famous series. It's supposed to be easier to recognize them in bookstores or something.:D


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