Mini Book Review: Stephanie and the Excellent E's by Judy McMullen

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 77
Published: 29th July 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Free/Bought
Genre: Pre-teen Contemporary
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Stephanie Morgan Welsh has lots to worry about: moving to a new state, starting middle school, and bringing her mother with her to school—Stephanie’s mom is the new assistant principal. Stephanie is sure she won’t make any friends when that’s discovered. Mrs. Welsh has a temporary solution: Stephanie can use an alias, with her middle name as her last name until she’s confident enough to become a Welsh again. The “new” Stephanie wants to be popular. She notices some girls, all wearing hot pink shirts with glittery letters on them, and discovers they’re in a club called the “Excellent E’s.” Stephanie’s thrilled when they want her to be a member. There’s just one problem—her mom’s new rule that Eastburg Middle kids can’t have clubs that keep some of them out. So Stephanie has to keep the EE’s a secret. And to become a member, for two weeks she has to do everything the EE's tell her to do. That “everything” includes things the old Stephanie would never have done: cheating in band class, telling lies, and playing mean tricks on other students. Stephanie likes being in the popular group for a change but she soon finds that being popular isn’t easy. Her EE friends like the new Stephanie and don’t like her other new friends, Hilary and Tim. But Hilary and Tim like the old Stephanie. A letter-writing campaign and a protest march help Stephanie decide who her real friends are and how to become her mother’s daughter again

Stephanie and the Excellent E's was a nice quick read. For such a short story Judy has managed to make is jam packed full of drama and laughs.

I am I not the target age group for this novel so if I was in between ages 10-13 I think I would have really loved this and been able to connect to the characters more. I couldn't really connect with Stephanie. I did like her don't get me wrong but this situation she put herself in drove me kinda crazy. Now I think this is mainly because I never wanted to be popular in school so I couldn't see why she wanted to be friends with the Excellent. I wasn't popular but everyone still know who I was. I think where I went to school there was certain groups but everyone spoke to everyone. So I don't know any of the school drama that Stephanie experienced.

As I said this is a short story but it doesn't seem rushed at all. It has a nice and steady flow to it that makes it seem natural. Unlike a lot of short stories where things happens way to fast and breaks the flow of the story. I recommend this if you are looking for a nice filler read between books. It will only take about an hour to read. Or if you are a preteen girl between 10-13 then I think you will love it.

Rate: 3/5

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